Catherine O’Hara reenacts the cult scene from the film on TikTok


Mom I Missed the Plane is certainly one of the greatest classics of Christmas films. A true cult film, Maman I Missed the Plane has many scenes that impressed audiences. And 30 years after its theatrical release, the film remains very popular!

The cult scene was repeated to the delight of fans of the film

With the end of the holidays at the end of the year, actress Catherine O’Hara, who plays the role of Kevin’s mother in the film, decided to have fun on her TikTok account to the fans of American comedy. In fact, she decided to re-play the famous scene in the sequel to the 1992 film when she discovered the family had forgotten about Kevin during the New York Christmas vacation.

The scene is the “continuation” of that played in the first opus when she discovers on the plane that her son is staying home alone.

She then starts yelling “Kevin” before collapsing backwards. We invite you to watch this sequence, which has gone viral with 3.6 million views since its summer release. It’s certainly the end-of-year vacation approach and nostalgia for the ’90s that make the scene so successful!


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