Catalan separatists agree on a coalition | Free press


Catalonia is likely to continue to be ruled by supporters of the independence of Spain. The two largest separatist parties want to work together.

Barcelona (AP) – In the Spanish conflict region of Catalonia, the two largest separatist parties have agreed in principle on a coalition government more than three months after the regional elections.

This was announced by representatives of the left-wing ERC and the liberal-conservative JuntsxCat on Monday, the newspapers “La Vanguardia” and “El País” reported. The new regional head of government should be Pere Aragonès of the ERC.

Together with the radical left-wing CUP, the separatists won 74 of the 135 seats in parliament in Barcelona in the 14th elections. The CUP, which pledged to support Aragonès shortly after the elections, is unlikely to join the government. The agreement also avoided another election, which would have been necessary had there not been an agreement on May 26.

The future government partners ERC and JuntsxCat, who had already formed a coalition in the previous term, apologized for the long time it took to form a government. They pledged to “rule for all and move forward with the common goal of independence,” a statement said.

However, the population of Catalonia is divided into two roughly equal camps of supporters and opponents of secession from Spain. The central government in Madrid rejects a split. The Socialists, who had become the strongest force in the February 14 elections, stressed that the future government would rule “only half of Catalonia”, as “El País” reported.

After an illegal referendum on independence, Catalonia was forced into administration by the central government in 2017. The then regional head of government Carles Puigdemont fled to Belgium. Many of his fellow campaigners were sentenced to long prison terms at the time.

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