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Car with confused protest message slams Chancellery gate | Free press

Berlin (dpa) – A 54-year-old man has rammed his car back into the gate of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin. On Wednesday, he damaged at least two metal struts from the front gate of the car.

The driver of the vehicle with protest messages has been taken into custody by the police, the Berlin police announced on Twitter. Federal Department of the Interior spokesman Steve Alter confirmed that “the perpetrator is known of a similar incident in 2014”. According to the police, the background was initially unclear. A spokesman said whether it was a “mental illness or some other motive” is still being clarified.

Security circles said the vehicle had “hit the gate of the Federal Chancellery at low speed”. On the driver’s side of the dark station wagon, it was written in white, “You goddamn killers of children and the elderly.” On the passenger side, it said, “Stop globalization policy”.

The incident took place during the current session of the federal cabinet. This usually meets on Wednesday morning in the Chancellery. Police cordoned off the area after the incident. There were ambulances in the area. According to a report by a DPA photographer, a person was said to have been slightly injured and treated in an ambulance. According to information from security circles, this is the driver of the car.

The driver, whose car is registered in North Rhine-Westphalia, had already been jailed in front of the chancellery in February 2014. Photos from the then incident show the car with political letters targeting climate change. A declaration of love had been made on the driver’s side. Nobody was hurt. It was also said at the time that the car was driving very slowly. The then 48-year-old driver was arrested.

A spokesman for the Berlin police said: “An initial statement from the driver has been recorded.”

It was initially unclear whether the new move may have been related to the recent protests against the state’s measures to contain the corona pandemic. Last week, during a vote by the Bundestag on the Infection Protection Act, protest rallies in the immediate vicinity of the Bundestag and in front of the Chancellery were banned. Smaller meetings take place regularly in the vicinity of the Bundestag and the Chancellery.

It is not allowed to enter the access area of ​​the Federal Chancellery. This is indicated with a sign. Only cyclists are allowed to continue driving. However, it is land on public roads. In front of the Chancellery, there is a gate that can be sunk into the ground and is usually open.


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