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Canon price for this ultra-rugged 1TB SSD

In the computer storage market, and especially at the level of hard drives and SSDs, we often forget a brand that defends itself very well, namely Samsung. The manufacturer not only makes QLED TVs, smartphones and household appliances, it also specializes in memory. Today, for sale 2022, we have a good plan for the Samsung SSD 870 EVO Solid State Drive with a capacity of 1TB.

Samsung SSD 870 EVO: an SSD built to last

There are several SSD ranges available from Samsung, there are QVOs and EVOs, they are very similar, but if you are looking for endurance you know that EVOs have an advantage, not least because the warranty is extended to 5 years.

As for the good plan, it is the Samsung SSD 870 EVO with a capacity of 1 TB, equipped with the intelligent Turbo Write technology that accelerates the writing speed while maintaining a very good performance over time. Here’s what Samsung announces in terms of speeds and operating temperatures.

Read speed: up to 560MB/s Write speed: up to 530MB/s Temperature range: 0 to 70 degrees

You should know that the Samsung SSD 870 EVO is compatible with the Samsung Magician 6 software, which allows you to manage the SSDs to update the firmware but also to monitor the health of the latter.

The Samsung SSD 870 EVO costs 102.90 euros instead of 151.99 euros for the winter sale. If you want a cheap little SSD, we also have the PNY CS900 on offer.

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Read and write performanceRobustWarranty period

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