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Canon price for both licenses

Microsoft is an IT juggernaut. The entire park is dominated by Windows and this year we were entitled to a brand new version, which logically is called Windows 11. That’s not all, the publisher’s other flagship product, the Office 2021 Professional suite for Windows 11 Pro at a low price thanks to GoDeal24.

Two flagship products at an unbeatable price

If you haven’t been able to update your computer to the latest version of Windows but still want to upgrade, you know that it is possible to buy a Windows 11 Pro license and order it today for less than $ 15. more precisely 14.26 euros. Please note that this is a serial number for an update and if you want to do a complete clean installation you will need to first download the necessary files from the official website.

In summary, here are the offers available for Windows:

We also have an excellent offer for Office 2021 Professional Plus. With it you will find all of the publisher’s software to be able to work like in the office. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook are in the full Pro version with all activated functions. For the price alone, the license is only 27.22 euros for one PC.

Here are the offers for Office:

Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus – 1 PC – € 27.22 Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus – 5 PCs – € 72.22 (€ 14.44 per PC) Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus – 1 PC – € 24.22 Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus – 1 PC – € 18.11 Project Professional 2021 1 CD key user – € 25.07 Visio Professional 2021 1 CD key user – € 22.41 Project Professional 2019 1 CD key user – € 21 € 61 Visio Professional 2019 1 CD key user – € 18.90 Microsoft Office 2019 (home and student) – € 30.39 Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Business Mac – € 66.99 Office 2019 Home and Business – € 46.60 €

If you want to order the Windows 11 and Office 2021 Professional Plus package, the package costs 35.17 euros, an offer not to be missed. .

Bundle offers:

This good plan also gives you Windows Server licenses as well as utilities to maintain your PC.


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