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Cannabis remains the most popular drug in Germany | free press

The Germans’ favorite illegal drug is cannabis. Authorities reported more than 30,000 drug trafficking cases in the past year. Far fewer offenses were registered for amphetamines.

Berlin (dpa) – According to official information, cannabis is the most popular illegal drug in this country.

“Cannabis is still the most trafficked and consumed drug in Germany,” Holger Münch, chairman of the Federal Police Service, said in Berlin at the presentation of the 2020 report on drug crime.

The authorities were therefore aware of 31,961 cases of cannabis trafficking, with amphetamines there were 5581 registered violations. In total, the police counted 365,753 drug trafficking cases last year, 1.7 percent more than in 2019.

The statistics only show cases known to the police. Because there are usually no reports, most crimes are discovered during checks, Münch said, which comes with a high degree of clarification. At the same time, the dark field is large.

According to the report, drug trafficking is the largest area of ​​activity for organized crime. “We are seeing an increasing number of drug-related crimes in Germany and the EU, which are being carried out more brutally and unscrupulously,” said Germany’s government drug commissioner Daniela Ludwig.


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