Canal + launches “9pm at home” with a nice surprise for its subscribers


After France Television, since last Saturday Canal + has also been playing the card of solidarity with the French, who are subject to curfew, and has an exceptional offer.

A big surprise for subscribers

“In solidarity with its subscribers at this special time in which culture, entertainment and artists play an essential role, the CANAL + Group is launching” 9 PM AT HOME “”, announced the broadcaster. An announcement following the introduction of a curfew that will force many French to stay home from 9 p.m.

The group has therefore reserved a nice surprise for their subscribers as they can enjoy an exceptional offer. The channels CINÉ +, Comédie +, Olympia TV and CINÉ + SPLENDID are available free of charge until December 1st. Canal + also recalls that “their repeat offer will be exceptionally integrated with the offer of all CANAL + subscribers”. Which convinces the French to respect this curfew while the number of cases increases exponentially and the health situation deteriorates.

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As of today, the channels CINÉ +, Comédie +, Olympia TV and CINÉ + SPLENDID as well as their repeat offer are exceptionally included in the offer of all CANAL + subscribers

20th October 2020

Support the cultural sector?

The group also encourages “its subscribers to keep going to cinemas and theaters to comply with applicable health regulations and barrier measures” in support of the EU’s undermined cultural and entertainment sector health crisis.

As a reminder, the encrypted channel had launched a similar initiative while in custody and offered free access to its programs. An announcement that had both positive and negative overtones. In particular, the critics saw a deviation from the chronology of the media and a non-compliance with the agreement reached with the CSA. Under pressure from the latter, Canal + had finally ceased operations.