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Can the saga really survive without Johnny Depp?

The Warner’s release of Johnny Depp from the Fantastic Beasts license worries many fans of the actor about the rest of his career. Especially since Disney announced that it would prepare a sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean without the interpreter from Jack Sparrow … Will the saga survive Depp’s absence?

The heart of the saga

Times are clearly difficult for Johnny Depp. In just a few months, the actor was removed from the two great Hollywood sagas that made up most of his movie news: Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts. The actor’s discharge from the saga of the Pirates of the Caribbean also sounds like treason for fans of the license, as it is inextricably linked to the character of Jack Sparrow and his interpreter. While Disney is producing a sixth Pirates of the Caribbean film in which Margot Robbie (The Wolf of Wall Street, Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood) stars and Karen Gillan (Doctor Who, The Guardians of the Galaxy) plays inevitably raises the question of the saga’s survival after the departure of Johnny Depp. And for many reasons.

When Pirates of the Caribbean told the adventures of a trio that consisted of Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley), the saga initially focused only on those of Captain Pirate, always on Searching for treasures that will enable him to taste eternal life … In (almost) every film Jack is confronted with the delicate question of immortality. In The Curse of the Black Pearl, Jack Sparrow becomes a skeleton after stealing a coin from Cortes’ vault. in The Secret of the Cursed Chest and to the End of the World, treated by Davy Jones, thinks repeatedly of becoming the captain of the Flying Dutchman; In The Fountain of Youth, Jack goes in search of the legendary treasure whose location is given on the map stolen from Sao Feng at the beginning of At World’s End. We can therefore say that if Pirates of the Caribbean got rid of Jack Sparrow in its sixth work, the saga would lose its main narrative axis.

However, if Jack Sparrow is actually the main character of Pirates of the Caribbean, its main emotional and comedic spring whose bad luck and tricks allow the action to begin, the saga actually rests on the original trio. The proof is that the last two films, La Fontaine de Jouvence and La Vengeance de Salazar, are generally less appreciated by fans of the saga. Additionally, the writers were forced to bring back Elizabeth and Will Turner in a post-credits scene from episode five, and the entire film revolves around their absence: their son tries to overturn Will’s curse. Salazar’s Revenge at the time could already sound like an admission of the Disney studio’s failure, as if the studio had realized that it would be difficult to continue the saga without the alchemy between its three main characters.

However, it is questionable whether the next Pirates of the Caribbean films could emulate the Pirates of the Caribbean model: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Rather than obliterating Jack Sparrow’s existence, the character could be tricked into looking for his trail throughout the film, like Rey searching for Luke Skywalker’s trail in Star Wars: The Awakening, by Margot Robbie and / or Karen Gillan. Strength. In other words, the entire film would revolve around the absence of Jack Sparrow.

A potential off topic

It’s hard to imagine the film would work any differently: if the saga is very intriguing to watch, especially in the first three parts, it doesn’t have a lore developed enough to dispense with Jack Sparrow. In fact, every film is based on its crew of antagonistic ghosts and the treasure it is supposed to seek. But apart from Until the End of the World, which the Tribunal of the Brotherhood of Pirates established, and the presentation of the King of the Pirates, the viewer has no idea of ​​the forces involved. In addition, each film is about its treasure, which must be found in front of the antagonistic crew. The films of the Pirates of the Caribbean are therefore linked not so much by a common universe made up of monsters, ghosts and geopolitical elements that appear in all films, but by the panel of its main characters (Jack, Barbossa, Will and Elizabeth) .

There is one more element to consider that is essential to understanding the complexity of the problem. In the world of the Pirates of the Caribbean, viewers experience the end of a world: the world’s fairytale land disappears due to the capitalist madness of the modern world. Yesterday’s pirates become corsairs in the service of England, Spain or the East India Company. Lord Beckett has the octopus killed and manages to get his hands on Davy Jones’ heart to control the seven seas. Pirates of the Caribbean tells us about the end of piracy. And when we take that factor into account, there is a certain melancholy poetry in Jack Sparrow’s antics. This man with an unsteady and unsteady gait, often alcoholic, defies the forced march of the world. His physique, his fashionable appearance, his age, everything is reminiscent of both the decline of piracy and the inability of a world he does not want to belong to. We tell ourselves that the arrival of Margot Robbie, talented as it is, might seem irrelevant. Jack Sparrow is the only one who still believes in piracy and will therefore be the last pirate. This is his tragic fate. Unless the films announced by Disney are set in a time before the action of Pirates of the Caribbean?


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