Can I get a fine for presenting an Exceptional Hogwarts Travel Certificate?

With this new hiring, it is the return of the extraordinary travel certificates. If you want to leave you will need a valid reason which is stated on this document and which you will have to show to the police in case of a check. It is possible to print it out directly on the website of the Ministry of the Interior from Tous Anti-Covid’s application or to write it by hand. Some people don’t hesitate to personalize it to make less official documents.

Indeed, many people on social networks are full of imagination to personalize their travel certificate. Some have designed a certificate as if it were written in old French on parchment, others have designed a special aperitif certificate or inspired by the world of Harry Potter, with a travel certificate in application of a decree of the Minister of Magic Hermione Granger approved apparations or use flying cars.

Certificates that have class

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But can you really personalize your extraordinary travel certificate? What are the risks of presenting this personalized document to the police? As reported by Ouest-France, a Normann was fined 135 euros for adding the drawing of a box checked for the aperitif.

Please note that the certificate must comply with certain rules

To answer this question, the daily La Voix du Nord provided details of the reasons for verbalization. Therefore, if you are unable to provide a certificate stating your name, date of birth, address, reason for travel and the date and time of departure, you may be fined.

In addition, the certificate must be legibly printed or written on paper. If the reason is not one of the reasons provided for in the decree, so is the fine. Make sure that only one check box for the valid reason is selected and that the document will not be reused for any other edition.

The government also states on their website that when completing your certificate, it is essential that you use a non-erasable ink pen, not a pencil or erasable marker.

If you enjoy printing your extraordinary travel certificate on Hogwarts-style parchment-backed paper, you risk nothing. Be careful not to use Quidditch training or Diagon Alley basic needs as a motif because if the muggle who is going to control you has no sense of humor it can get dearly!

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