Can Honor Points and Rewards improve player behavior in League of Legends?

Riot Games says it will be making “behavioral systems” more important when it comes to League of Legends in 2022, which is when the game will be coming out. The developer will be giving honor points to people who do good things in the game, and people who do bad things will be punished more harshly.

Product Lead for Behavioural Systems, Hana “TimTamMonster” Dinh, told us about some big changes coming to LoL. She also told us that she knew there had been a lot of work to do. We’ve spent the last few years mostly making “behind the scenes” changes to our detection and punishment systems to make your experience better, but now we know this isn’t making enough of a difference.

According to Riot’s data, only 5% of the player base is consistently disruptive. For this reason, they will be making changes to the punishment system. It turns out that only 5% of people are dangerous when they get angry during a game. She also said that 86 percent of the in-game reports are made up of these a few times a week.

Over time, League of Legends has become known as one of the most toxic online multiplayer games. This is why there is no in-game voice chat. Riot will be updating its Honor 2.0 system, which was released in 2018 but didn’t live up to expectations because it didn’t get any new features. This will make it more difficult for the 95 percent to play in a good way.

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As part of the End of Season rewards, players who get endorsements from other players and raise their Honor level to 5 will get a special skin as part of their prize. “These unique rewards will give you a new way to show off in-game, in addition to the Honor skins, chromas, and other rewards you already have,” the text reads.

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In 2020, Riot added Champ Select reports, which let players report each other on the match start screen. However, they didn’t add punishments as they said they would. Soon, there will be a new patch that will make some changes.

A second thing that the studio will try to help people with is verbal abuse, too. Dinh says that the team is working on a lot of new things to help them find more things. “We expect this to get better by up to 10x.” When she talked about Verbal Abuse, she said, “It’s a big problem that often leads to other kinds of bad behavior.”

Remember this: When you’re angry, only you can stop yourself from being noisy. All 95% of us can help these systems by being the type of player we want to play with, even in Ranked. “I know it’s not always easy, but even the best systems can’t stop all bad behavior from happening.” Because it’s not just about making systems that make people do things in a certain way.

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