Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3: Radical Raid will go live on April 1

It has just been announced that Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3: Radical Raid will be called “Radical Raid.” The new season will be based on the 1980s. Call of Duty: Mobile will also get a new map, two themed events, an esports world championship, new operators, a new weapon, and other new content.

In the next week, the new season of the battle royale game for mobile phones and tablets will start. Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3: Radical Raid will also get a lot better. There will also be new challenges, lucky draws, bundles, and more. This week, Activision announced that Snoop Dogg will be a game player.

When the new season for Call of Duty: Mobile came out, it was announced in a blog post The third season of Call of Duty: Mobile, called “Radical Raid,” will start April 1 at 5:30am IST. Players on Android and iOS will be able to start playing.

The slowest rise in sales that Tencent has ever seen in the first three months of the year. Regulations are set to ease up on the company.

Call of Duty: Mobile also has a new map called Miami Strike that you can use to play the game. It is a smaller version of the map of Miami that you saw before. In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Miami Strike was the first game to have the name. As Activision says, players will fight each other during the day. The map is full of collector cars, buildings, and back alleys that make for a very intense battle.

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Activision announced this week that Snoop Dogg will be a playable character in the game. It’s going to be a lucky draw for the rapper and his flashy clothes and accessories.

It also has two new themed events called A Soldier’s Choice and Easter Battle Royale. A 14-day event where players interact with Raul Menendez each day to help them get more XP. Weapons and character skins can also be earned. Players in Easter Battle Royale will have to find and collect Easter eggs from the Easter Bunny. These eggs can be turned into rewards at vending machines on the map.

A tournament called World Championship 2022 is also coming to Call of Duty: Mobile. Players can compete for a prize pool of more than $2 million, and the winner will be crowned World Champion 2022. (roughly Rs. 15.27 crore).

Stage 1 and Ranked Series 1 for the World Championship will start on March 31, and they will be played on March 31. Here, you can find more information about the World Championship 2022 and how to sign up. We’ll find out who’s going to win the championship in December.

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