Cabinet approves zero-round pension | Free press


Bad news for pensioners in the West: the pension will not be increased in July as in previous years.

Berlin (dpa) – The federal cabinet has decided this year on the planned zero retirement round in the West. Old-age pensions in the West are not being increased in July, as in previous years.

In the East, there should be only a mini-increase of 0.72 percent. The move had been announced several times. The cabinet has now initiated the relevant regulation.

Federal Social Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) justified the zero round with the Corona crisis. The development of pensions is linked to wages. These had decreased on average in the Corona year 2020. Since a “statutory pension guarantee” precludes a reduction in pensions, salaries in the West now remain at the current level.

In the east, however, they will rise slightly as the pension value will gradually be aligned with that in the west in 2024. The last time after the financial crisis in 2010 was that a pension increase was canceled. Since then, pensions have been increased every year.

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