Cabinet approves emergency aid for flood victims | free press


It will take some time before half of the consequences of the flood disaster are overcome. The federal cabinet wants to help immediately with 400 million euros.

Berlin (dpa) – A week after the flood disaster began, the federal cabinet launched millions of emergency aid.

According to the decision, the federal government contributes up to 200 million euros to half of the aid provided by the states. So a total of up to 400 million euros would be available. The money will be used to repair the worst damage to buildings and community infrastructure and to bridge special emergencies.

Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) has promised more emergency aid for flood victims. Scholz said if more was needed, the federal and state governments would also make more money available. “We will do whatever it takes.” Aid must flow quickly and unbureaucratically. “Everyone can rely on it now.” The catastrophe brought great destruction. After the disaster, which now has more than 170 fatalities, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) also promised unbureaucratic aid.

A multi-billion dollar building fund is also planned. Construction will take years, Scholz says. The exact amount of the fund should not be determined until the extent of the damage can be better foreseen.