Cabinet approves Corona catch-up program | Free press


The corona measures have slowed children and young people everywhere: at school, when planning their future, in their spare time. The damage is now limited with a catch-up program.

Berlin (dpa) – The federal government wants to use two billion euros to mitigate the consequences of the corona measures for children and young people. The federal cabinet launched a “catch-up action program” on Wednesday.

According to Federal Minister of the Family Franziska Giffey, it must be implemented quickly. “That’s not a law and doesn’t require approval, that’s what we are doing now,” she said in Berlin.

One billion euros is earmarked for tutoring and support programs for students who are catching up with learning disadvantages. Another billion euros will be invested in social measures to deal with the psychological consequences of the crisis for children and young people. The aim is to expand existing programs in early childhood education, social work in school and in the leisure sector.

A one-off payment of 100 euros is also provided for children from families who are dependent on Hartz IV or who have only a very low income. The money must be able to be used for holidays, sports and leisure activities as needed. According to data from dpa, a payout could take place in August.

The cabinet also passed a bill for a legal right to all-day care for primary school students. In the coalition agreement, the Union and the SPD agreed on the project. According to plans by the Federal Department of Family Affairs and the Federal Department of Education, children attending school starting from the 2026/2027 school year must be entitled to full-day care for the first four school years – for at least eight hours on weekdays and also during holidays.

The start was originally planned a year earlier. Due to criticism from the countries, there should now be more time for enlargement, the German news agency heard from government circles on Wednesday. The federal states also asked for a greater financial contribution from the federal government to the operating costs of the daytime places. According to the information, there is also a concession here. The project requires the approval of the federal states in the Bundesrat.

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