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Bundeswehr prepares major evacuation mission in Kabul | free press

As the Taliban advance, the Bundeswehr prepares an evacuation mission. There are currently more than 100 Germans in Afghanistan.

Berlin (dpa) – The Bundeswehr has begun preparations for a high-security mission to evacuate German civilians and local workers from Afghanistan.

According to information from the German news agency, a mandate is being prepared to be adopted by the Bundestag, which has been pressed mainly by military experts in recent days. In the coming week, paratroopers will be deployed from the Rapid Forces Division (DSK), which the Bundeswehr has for this task as part of the National Risk and Crisis Prevention.

An evacuation mission is deemed to have a mandate, because after the NATO mission “Resolute Support” no more basis is given for the previous mandate. It is largely indisputable that this should happen. The broadcaster RTL/ntv also reported on the planned deployment on Saturday.

There are currently more than 100 Germans in Afghanistan, including diplomats and employees of the embassy in Kabul, as well as experts from other ministries and organizations. Local personnel are also flown out. Their exact number is still unclear. Ministry of Development Cooperation organizations alone currently employ more than 1,000 local workers in Afghanistan.

In the event of imminent danger – ie when it comes to life and limb of Germans abroad – the minimum requirement is a decision by the federal cabinet as the first step for an operation, which can be followed by a decision by the Bundestag.

The militant Islamist Taliban continued their advance in Afghanistan on Saturday, moving closer to the capital, Kabul. In the morning there was fighting over Maidan Schar, the capital of Maidan Wardak province about 35 kilometers from Kabul, said German news agency MP Hamida Akbari. The Taliban already ruled most of the province’s districts.


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