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Bundestag CDU member Hauptmann resigns | Free press

With Mark Hauptmann, the Thuringian CDU member of the Bundestag, the Union’s third politician draws conclusions within a few days because he is accused of unfair business.

Erfurt (dpa) – The Thuringian CDU member of the Bundestag Mark Hauptmann is resigning his mandate with immediate effect after lobbying allegations. This was confirmed on Thursday by the regional association Thuringian CDU.

The captain told the “world” that he wanted to draw a line with it. “The hostility towards me has become too great. I want to protect my family. “

The 36-year-old had previously come under fire after several media reports of allegations of lobbying. In the “World” interview, however, Hauptmann spoke of “misrepresentation, abbreviation and distortion of facts”.

A report by “Spiegel” is about advertisements for tourist accommodation in Azerbaijan in the “Südthüringen Kurier” published by Hauptmann. In an interview with «Welt», Hauptmann denies having accepted money from foreign agencies. “I never received any money and there was never any influence on my political actions,” Hauptmann said in the interview. In response to a question about the ‘world’, he also denies having received a commission for the mediation of corona protection masks – an allegation made in recent days against previous Union MPs Georg Nüßlein (formerly CSU) and Nikolas Löbel (formerly CDU). ), who subsequently withdrew from their parties. Löbel has also given up his mandate, Nüßlein announced that he will no longer flee.

The Thuringian CDU state chairman Christian Hirte said on Thursday that he respected Hauptmann’s decision. Hauptmann looked after the interests of South Thuringia for more than seven years. “He has made it clear that he has now made a personal decision out of respect for his family and the party,” said Hirte.

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