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Bumba na Fofinha Announces More Stand-up Comedy Show Dates

Bumba na Fofinha Announces More Stand-up Comedy Show Dates

You better hurry because the tickets are flying. Mariana Cabral works in Aveiro, Braga, Leiria, Faro, Lisbon and Porto.

Bumba na Fofinha promises “Suar do Mustache” live.

In the closing days of 2021, Mariana Cabral, better known as Bumba na Fofinha, announced that she would be debuting in stand-up comedy with a solo show. Dates for “Suar do Bigode,” as the performance is called, were scheduled in Lisbon and Porto – which sold out in about an hour.

New dates for the show were announced this Friday, January 21st. Bumba na Fofinha will perform in Aveiro (February 6th), Faro (February 19th), Leiria (February 22nd and 24th), Braga (March 10th) and will schedule a new event in Lisbon on March 22nd.

“What is that, you ask very well? Because spawning a child wasn’t enough mustache sweat for the whole of 2022, here’s your Bumbs na Fofs’ first stand-up show,” writes Mariana Cabral.

“A show that will consist of a reasonably excited audience listening to a lady the size of Saturn talk about topics such as: growing up in a big family mustache sweating, entering puberty mustache sweating, picking up the mustache sweat, the (more or less) adult mustache sweat, and finally the pinnacle of all sweaty moustaches: giving birth to a life. Which, if the science is correct, will be furry and have its own little mustache. Of those virgins that mothers can’t take away because it’s child abuse. It can be unbelievable how shameful it can be, in any case there will be no refund because Bumba needs it to feed the cachopa and the porridge is expensive,” adds Bumba in Fofinha.

All information about tickets and timetables can be found on the official website of the “Suar do Mustode” tour.


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