Bruno de Carvalho’s first 24 unusual hours on “Big Brother Famosos”


Insults, imitations and discussions: Bruno de Carvalho’s first day on “Big Brother”

The former Sporting President was accused of machismo, quarreled with a competitor and almost had an accident live on TVI.

In a house full of more or less well-known participants, Bruno de Carvalho stands out. The former president of the Sporting Clube de Portugal was the only participant everyone was expecting. And he hadn’t even stepped into the new studio of “Big Brother Famosos”, which premiered on Sunday January 2nd at TVI. As expected: Bruno’s first 24 hours were controversial and, above all, intense.

In the introductory video, Bruno de Carvalho immediately explained that despite his strong connection to the world of sport, physical activity is not part of his everyday life. I mean it does, but it just goes “from the couch to the kitchen, from the kitchen to the couch, and from the couch to bed”. And he added: “I do kilometers with it every day.”

This was the opportunity for the former manager to shoot two of his biggest haters: soccer coach Jorge Jesus and the current president of Sporting Frederico Varandas, whom he always refers to as “Judas” in reference to the fact that of you, the To be the club’s doctor and later run for election without your blessing. In between, Bruno de Carvalho praised the President of FC Porto. “The one I didn’t want in the house was Pinto da Costa because we get along well and are friends. The other two loved having her in the house. “

Later, when the competitors reached the house, Cristina Ferreira took the opportunity to ask him if he knew anyone. “Who is Lili?” Said the moderator. Bruno limited himself completely confused to answer: “Lili is she”, without much depth in the answers. That moment immediately went viral on Twitter, where it’s already one of the most repeated phrases of the day.

The accusations of machismo

Participation in “Big Brother” has been in trouble since the first few minutes. As President of Sporting, he had to decide at the beginning of the program who would take the immunity test. That is; The entrepreneur had to select six competitors and decided to nominate all the men in the house, choosing only one woman.

As expected, accusations of machismo exploded on Twitter: “Bruno de Carvalho machista? Check it out! ”,“ Okay, I’m the only one who thinks Bruno de Carvalho is a sexist man? ”Or“ Bruno de Carvalho, dear, you are a bit sexist, aren’t you? ” are some of the comments that you can read on the social network.

The relationship with the women of the house

On the second day at “Big Brother Famosos” their first confrontation was born. The interveners were, of course, Bruno de Carvalho and Jaciara Dias, after the competitor used the expression “has a new word” in relation to his colleague. At first Jaciara wasn’t offended. Since she is Brazilian, she did not know the term and associated it with houses and apartments. However, Laura Galvão later explained the true meaning of the expression: “When you say you have a new floor, it is usually something else, but I do not know the context of the conversation”. Bruno de Carvalho overheard the conversation and told her to stop using poison against him.

“I saw some jokes but I don’t care. We have to have respect above all, people have to understand that I left my family out there and things that are not interpreted well will sound very negative, let’s be careful because I don’t want to offend anyone. Everyone laughed, but only Laura had the courage to tell me what it was. I don’t accept offensive jokes with me, “added the Brazilian influencer.

“It pulls back the tape, I won’t feed it, the thing has not even started,” concluded Bruno de Carvalho about the debate he sparked.

The imitation of Jorge Jesus

The world of football is marked by high tension between teams and clubs and the former Sporting president immediately hinted that he was not on good terms with Jorge Jesus, former Benfica and Sporting coach. In the garden of the house, the competitor mimicked his characteristic way of speaking and the respective facial expressions of Jesus while dividing up the housework.

The video was shared on the “Big Brother” Instagram account, where comments poured in in support of Bruno de Carvalho: “The truth is that I am enjoying Bruno de Carvalho’s performance against my will. Congratulations because you stick to the program and it even makes me laugh ”or“ I can’t stand it, this man is still winning this whole bodega ”, are some of the more flavorful reactions.

Brunãos (almost) accident

Also on the second day, Bruno de Carvalho was outside the house in front of the competition, forming pairs for another activity in the competition. But suddenly there was a huge noise, followed by the screams of the colleagues. When the cameras point at the businessman again, we see a completely destroyed scene and a Bruno de Carvalho who is shocked because he escaped the collision a few meters.

Between accusations of machismo and several messages of support, Bruno de Carvalho had the first 24 hours, as expected, in high rotation. It is currently the most talked about topic on Twitter in Portugal.