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Bruno de Carvalho returned as DJ and paid tribute to Liliana

Bruno de Carvalho returns as DJ and pays tribute to Liliana

The former Sporting president was at Alma’s and performed “Ibiza for Dreams,” a song by the singer in collaboration with Diego Miranda.

One of the songs that passed had Liliana’s collaboration.

As promised earlier in the week, Bruno de Carvalho returned as a DJ. The return took place on the night of this Friday, February 18, at Alma Privé in Nogueira da Regedoura, Santa Maria da Feira. On the Instagram page, the former Sporting president shared several stories about the performance. In one of these videos, he even pays tribute to Liliana Almeida.

Among the different themes played that evening was “Ibiza for Dreams”, a song by Diego Miranda with the participation of Liliana in the voice. The dance and electronic theme was released in 2009 and was part of Bruno Carvalho’s playlist.

The former reality show contestant was always in the DJ booth to cheer up the dozens of people who were at the disco. Between button changes there was time to launch confetti rockets and sip a few flutes of sparkling wine.

Liliana Almeida continues in the house of “Big Brother Famosos”. Bruno de Carvalho was excluded from the gala last Sunday 13th. After his presence in Santa Maria da Feira, he will be this Saturday 19th at Lagar in Amares in the district of Braga.


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