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Is Saxony-Anhalt blocking the increase in the license fee in Germany – and if so, how? By a joint no from the CDU and AfD? The black-red-green coalition has not yet reached an agreement.

Magdeburg (dpa) – In view of an impending veto from Saxony-Anhalt over a higher amount of radio licenses in Germany, the black-red-green government has failed to reach a compromise.

The groundbreaking vote of the media commission in Magdeburg’s state parliament will be postponed by a week from Wednesday (Dec. 2), Greens boss Sebastian Striegel said after several hours of negotiations in the state chancellery. There was no agreement on the matter, further discussions should take place.

The black-red-green coalition has not yet been able to agree on a unified vote. If that does not change, not only the nationwide increase in staffing costs will be jeopardized, but also the survival of the state government.

The license fee is planned to increase for the first time since 2009 by 86 cents to 18.36 euros from January 2021. The amount was calculated by an independent commission and signed off by all prime ministers. For the increase to come, all state parliaments must agree by the end of this year. The other countries have already done so or have indicated that they will. Saxony-Anhalt is considered the only wobbly candidate.

With the postponed decision, the CDU, SPD and the Green Party are gaining air to find a way out of the messy situation. The CDU group has yet to agree to the postponement in a meeting scheduled for noon. As a rule, the media commission in the state parliament should decide on Wednesday how to deal with the state treaty, including an increase in plenary contributions ahead of the closing meeting in mid-December. According to the will of the coalition, this should now happen on December 9 – a week before the session of the state parliament.

The SPD and the Greens want to support the State Treaty, the CDU is against it. With the AfD, which also does not want to agree, the Christian Democrats would have a majority. To avoid a joint vote with the AfD, the state chancellery and the CDU faction recently proposed that the government repeal the state treaty and that the state parliament should not vote on it. This would also be blocked because the permission of Saxony-Anhalt is lacking.

The SPD and the Greens have each put forward their own proposals providing for contract approval with the option of renegotiation.

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