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Broadcasting costs: broadcasters are ahead of the Federal Constitutional Court | Free press

Mainz / Berlin (dpa) – Due to the blockade from Saxony-Anhalt, the public broadcasters want to request a higher broadcast fee from the Federal Constitutional Court. ZDF, ARD and Deutschlandradio announced this independently on Tuesday.

ARD Chairman Tom Buhrow stressed: “Unfortunately, a constitutional complaint is inevitable. Without sufficient, independently determined funding, the program, which is rooted in all regions of Germany, will suffer. “

ZDF Director Thomas Bellut said: “Today it is clear that there can be no more approval in Saxony-Anhalt. Unfortunately, there is no other option but to appeal to the Federal Constitutional Court. “

Deutschlandradio said the need-based funding of the public broadcasters was no longer guaranteed from 2021. It was therefore decided to file a constitutional complaint. Artistic director Stefan Raue emphasized: “We already have to follow a strict austerity course in order to be visible in the digital world with our offer. Failure to raise the rate would therefore inevitably affect programming. “

Earlier it was announced that Saxony-Anhalt had blocked the planned increase in the broadcasting license fee as of 1 January 2021 from 17.50 euros per month to 18.36 euros throughout Germany.


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