Threats, Drugs and Violence: Britney Spears’ mother reveals new details on the case

Lynne Spears initially gave her testimony in court, where she eventually endorsed several of Britney’s statements.

The case is becoming more and more complex.

The case of Britney Spears’ tutelage continues, with some advances and setbacks for the singer. After Britney Spears first spoke about the case in court, she remained under her father’s tutelage. He recently managed to get his own lawyer, which in itself is an improvement on the previous situation.

This time, Lynne Spears, the singer’s mother, spoke, who revealed shocking details between Britney’s relationship and her father. The information was given in documents served on the court on Monday, July 26th.

“It seems clear to me that James P. Spears [pai de Britney] neither professionally nor privately he is in a position to put my daughter’s interests above his own, and therefore it is not in my daughter’s interest that he should continue to be her guardian, “says the singer’s mother. She adds that her daughter “feels fear and hatred” for her guardian.

Lynne joined Britney’s guardianship in late 2018, at what she described as a “crisis,” but quickly realized that the measures taken were not the best for her daughter. As an example, he cites an event where in the end something happened that Britney had previously said in court: the singer was forced to go to a psychiatric facility even though she did not want to.

In Monday’s records, Britney Spears’ mother also says the singer’s tutor hired a doctor to prescribe “totally inappropriate medication” that Britney refused to take. However, if she didn’t, she could be punished by her father.

The lack of privacy was also something Britney talked about in her first statement. The allegations were supported by the mother in the new court records. “Mr. Spears has relied on the housekeepers, the health and safety team at the tutor’s house for information on everything that is going on in Britney’s home and life. Such a control is exhausting and frightening, it is like living in custody. “

The most striking revelation, however, is the fact that James Spears physically assaulted Britney’s children aged 14 and 15. After this event in September 2019, an injunction began to separate the grandfather from the grandchildren.

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