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Despite lockdowns, the UK continues to set new records in infection rates and deaths. The situation in London is particularly dire. There, Mayor Sadiq Khan declared the disaster. The hospitals there are about to collapse.

London (dpa) – After the London disaster was declared due to the high occupancy of the hospitals, experts in Great Britain expect the situation to deteriorate further.

Simon Walsh of the British Medical Association (BMA) said on BBC television that he expected the numbers to rise again before falling again. This is the result of an analysis of the first wave of pandemics in the spring of last year.

Britain set two sad records on Friday with more than 68,000 new corona infections and 1,325 reported deaths within 24 hours. On Saturday, the number of corona deaths has risen to over 80,000 since the start of the pandemic. The situation is particularly dire in London, where Mayor Sadiq Khan declared a disaster. According to reports, the hospitals are there at the attack. The threat that the coronavirus poses to the city is at a critical point, Khan said in a statement. “If we don’t act immediately, our (health service) NHS could be overwhelmed and more people will die.”

The seven-day incidence in London is now more than 1000. That means the number of new infections per week per 100,000 inhabitants. The number of Covid-19 patients treated in the hospital was nearly a third in the first week of January in London alone, and the number of artificially ventilated patients increased by more than 40 percent, the mayor said. Hundreds of firefighters deployed as ambulance drivers came to the rescue of the health service.

The government and experts are also creating a new, probably more contagious variant that is responsible for the rapid spread of the virus. It is said to spread up to 70 percent faster than the previously prevalent virus variant.

The government announced the third national lockdown last week. However, according to some experts, this will not be enough to reduce the number of infections.

Hopes are now pinned on the fact that broad sections of the population can be vaccinated as soon as possible. On Friday, the government in London approved the third preparation, the vaccine from the American manufacturer Moderna. The Biontech / Pfizer agent and the vaccine from Oxford University and the Astrazeneca Group are already in use.

According to the government, around 1.5 million people in Britain have been vaccinated against Covid-19 so far. However, the pace of the vaccination campaign needs to be accelerated significantly. The aim is to offer the 15 million Britons who are particularly at risk a first vaccination by mid-February. The army was also called in to implement this. According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, military strategies should also be used. However, he urged people to stay at home.

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