Bringing Home Décor to Life One Wall at a Time


Decorating your home can be one of life’s greatest joys, and for many people, it’s the ultimate form of self-expression and creativity. As rewarding as it sounds, though, decorating your living space can also be a daunting task.

Indeed, while it can be tricky to know where to start and decide which color palettes to use, there’s no need to add stress about it. In need of some inspiration? Then know that hanging wall art and photography is one of the best ways to spruce up any room in your living space.

Here are a few ways to breathe new life into any room of your home through wall photography:

Help the Pieces You Pick Tie the Room Together

You just finished painting your home office a lively color that pops and keeps your creative juices flowing all day. The rug you purchased has a unique pattern and a bold color. And your modern design desk and vintage couch work well together.

However, as you look around the room, you realize something doesn’t look right. The eclectic look you wanted is not flowing as well as you planned. Instead of repainting or starting over, hang some interesting and thought-provoking photography art, including pieces available through Minted, that will help better tie the room together.

Of course, there are many styles and colors to choose from that will create harmony and bring the room together. Art with varying shades of the room’s primary color is one way to tie it all in together and create balance.

Make the Artwork You Select Personal in Nature

Oftentimes, we get so inspired by the pages in fancy interior design magazines and on websites that we forget to include elements of ourselves when redesigning a room. You just spent a small fortune on remodeling and refurbishing your family room but quickly realized it’s missing elements of you and your family. Where are the family portraits? Where are the photographs of all the precious moments you’ve captured over the years? Hanging collages of family photos or milestone moments like your wedding, child’s birth, and graduations are what family rooms are all about. All the newly remodeled room needed was a personal touch.

Tie the Room Together with Themes

Hanging wall art photography is one way to create a theme in a room. It could be a subtle nautical theme that requires a painting of a vintage sailboat gliding across an open bay. Maybe your 11-year-old daughter has a healthy obsession with horses. Try hanging photographs of the wild horses of Sable Island or farm horses grazing in a pasture. Artwork and photography are cost-effective and simple ways of creating a theme in any room. Mounting and spacing of the artwork are important, so make sure you put some thought into placement.

Elevate a Room 

Nothing elevates a room better than hanging art and photography on the walls. If a renovation or extensive painting isn’t in your budget at the moment, try hanging well-curated art instead. It makes a room look more sophisticated, especially if the photograph or painting is a conversation piece. In fact, even a mediocre-looking room will suddenly come to life with a little furniture rearranging and mounting colorful paintings or photographs on the bare walls. Choose bright-colored art for those rooms that seem dreary. And hang something eclectic or funky on the walls and watch how fast it changes the energy in the room.

Leave a Lasting Impression to Friends and Visitors

The next time you’re looking for a little inspiration to revamp your home or apartment, consider hanging art and photography on your walls. No matter what you select, it will bring new life to any space new or old and leave lasting impressions on friends and visitors.