Bremen’s ‘lateral thinker’ demo remains banned | Free press


The ban on a major “silk kerchief” demonstration in Bremen has been upheld by two courts. Legally, the last word may still be pending. The police definitely want to be prepared.

Bremen (dpa) – A day before the demonstration scheduled in Bremen by opponents of the Corona policy, the Higher Administrative Court (OVG) of the Hanseatic City has upheld a ban on the big event. There is no more lenient remedy than the ban on assembly.

“It would not be appropriate to impose on the applicant a protection and hygiene concept whose compliance is ultimately not expected,” he said Friday as the reason. The OVG thus followed a decision of the administrative judge against which the organizers had lodged a complaint. Legal proceedings have not yet been completed and would lead to the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe.

It is a demonstration planned by the initiative “lateral thinking421” under the motto: “Nationwide Festival for Peace and Freedom” with up to 20,000 participants at the Bürgerweide at Bremen Central Station. It was banned by the public order office on Tuesday with a new demonstration in the market square, with a maximum of 10,000 participants expected. A change from one demonstration to another by the participants is expressly intended according to the two registrants.

At least through Facebook, there were mentions in the “lateral thinking421” initiative that point to an urgent application to the Federal Constitutional Court. According to their own statements, the Bremen police are preparing for a large-scale operation “to supervise authorized rallies or to enforce outspoken bans, depending on the court’s decision.” Significant traffic obstructions are to be expected. According to authorities, six counter-demonstrations with a total of 1,500 participants have also been registered.

The administrative judge had argued that the location on Bürgerweide chosen by the applicant for the meeting apparently did not offer sufficient space for 20,000 participants. Senator Ulrich Mäurer (SPD) of the Interior called the efforts in the fight against the corona pandemic “scandalous and downright idiotic”, “what these people are up to in Bremen, denying all facts and dangers”.