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Bremen’s ‘lateral thinker’ demo remains banned | Free press

Karlsruhe / Bremen (dpa) – The Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe has upheld the ban on a “lateral thinker” demonstration against the Corona policy, scheduled for next Saturday in Bremen.

The court rejected an urgent request from the organizers on Saturday, a spokesman said. The court thus followed two previous rulings of the Bremen Administrative Court and the Higher Administrative Court.

The Bremen police were on their way in the Hanseatic city with a huge contingent of emergency services and several water cannons. She wanted to enforce the ban on the central station. In the afternoon, however, mainly participants of counter demonstrations that were not prohibited gathered there. On both sides of the station, the police counted a total of about 400 participants.

A police spokeswoman said some of the protesters attributed to the “lateral thinking” movement were also there. “Everything has gone peacefully so far.”

The lower courts had justified their decisions, among other things, with the high number of participants to be expected and a risk to the public. There is no more lenient remedy than the ban on assembly. During the demonstration of the initiative “lateral thinking 421” under the motto “Nationwide Festival for Peace and Freedom”, up to 20,000 participants were expected at the Bürgerweide near the main station.

On Friday, the Bremen Public Order Bureau also banned replacement gatherings of the “silk cherry” registered for Saturday, as well as any urgent or spontaneous gatherings.

The Senator of the Interior Ulrich Mäurer (SPD) of Bremen said: “When you consider how many people limit their social contacts out of solidarity and observe the rules of distance and hygiene, we can in no way tolerate that these mask refusers consciously maintain their health. improve their behavior. endanger others. “

Also in Mannheim, a planned demonstration of “lateral thinking” has finally been banned by the administrative court. Judges on Saturday dismissed a complaint from the organizer against a ban by the Karlsruhe Administrative Court, a court spokesman said.

The judges followed the position of the Karlsruhe Administrative Court, according to which the applicant could be expected to violate the conditions at the meeting or fail to ensure compliance, which would be punishable. The court announced that this poses a threat to public safety.

The city of Mannheim had previously imposed a demand on 200 participants to protect against the spread of the corona virus. In addition, the rally must be held in a fixed location and it must be ensured that distance rules and mask requirements are adhered to.

The organizer had now registered another meeting, which according to the city is an alternative event. As a result, the city banned any applicant meeting for Saturday. An urgent request was made to the Karlsruhe Administrative Court against the ban, followed by a complaint to the Mannheim Administrative Court. The decision now given cannot be contested (1 S 3891/20).


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