Breath of the Wild’s most dubious food is still the best recipe

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, players can indulge in various activities. Buying equipment, horse training, Hyrulian cuisine, enough to give Link the opportunity to become a real little cordon bleu. And it’s important to note that the most questionable food in Breath of the Wild is the best in Age of Calamity.

An absolutely useful dubious dish

Breath of the Wild players were able to prepare a “dubious dish” during their culinary experiments. This “questionable dish” was made from a “monster material” or “small animal” combined with another ingredient and is a dish to avoid. The description is clear: “If it remains edible, its repulsive appearance makes it a dish that is not very presentable!” And while it should stay in inventory in Breath of the Wild, this dish is all the rage in Age of Calamity, the prequel released last week.

As Polygon reports, the questionable dish is a staple in Age of Calamity. And for good reason, it doubles the number of rubies earned on each mission. In return, you will have hearts with lower health as they are reduced by 20%. So you need to be more careful after consuming a questionable dish in order to preserve your precious rubies. In Age of Calamity, the recipe evolves. So you will need two frogs, two pieces of salt, and the Hyrulian equivalent of durian.

Note that in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity it is possible to drastically increase the number of hearts available to you. So do not influence the few hearts affected by the questionable judgment too much. On the other hand, double the rubies will fill your wallet much faster during the missions. So don’t hesitate to roam the lands of Hyrule in search of frogs, enough to cook a ton of questionable dishes upstream.

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