Brazilian president moved for possible emergency surgery | free press


Bolsonaro had initially complained of persistent hiccups. The reason for this may be more serious than initially thought.

Brasília / São Paulo (dpa) – Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has been moved to the metropolis of São Paulo for a possible emergency operation. Bolsonaro arrived in São Paulo as seen on Brazilian television. An ambulance took him to the Vila Nova Star Hospital.

In the afternoon an ambulance had taken the head of state from the military hospital in Brasília to the air base in the capital of the South American country. There was a plane waiting.

The doctor, who also operated on Bolsonaro after the knife attack in 2018, had found a bowel obstruction, according to a statement from the presidency press service. He has decided to have the president taken to São Paulo, where further investigations will be conducted to determine if emergency surgery is needed.

Bolsonaro had been taken to hospital in Brasília early Wednesday morning on the advice of his medical team. Accordingly, Bolsonaro was for examinations at the military hospital in the capital to determine the cause of his persistent hiccups. He had also complained about it in his weekly social media broadcast.

The president was originally to be observed in the hospital or at home for 24 to 48 hours. He’s fine, the first message said. Bolsonaro thanked for the prayers on Twitter.