Brazilian actress Eva Wilma dies of cancer


Brazilian actress Eva Wilma died of cancer

He was 87 years old and one of the great representatives in Brazil. Several health problems have been identified.

Brazilian actress Eva Wilma died of cancer this Saturday, May 15th. He was 87 years old and had a long career in theater and television in Brazil. He was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in early May and did not fight back. That year he went to the hospital several times for other problems such as respiratory, heart, and kidney failure.

She was admitted to the Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo, Brazil, where she was born in 1933. In September 2020 she celebrated her 70th career. It started with a few films in the cinema, but it was in the theater and on television that it became popular in the country.

“Namorados de São Paulo”, later renamed “Alô, Doçura”, made its television debut in 1953. Carlos Zara was one of the actors he romanticized the most with in soap operas and programs, and with whom he ended up ready to get married in real life.

“Rebel Years”, “O Rei do Gado”, “Pedra Sobre Pedra”, “A Indomada”, “Fina Estampa”, “A Viagem”, “Guerra dos Sexos”, “Sassaricando” and “Mulheres de Areia” were some of the Soap operas in which he participated.

The last time he appeared on television was in 2018 in the soap opera “O Tempo Não Para”.