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In the manner of the American ex-President Trump, Brazilian President Bolsonaro is attacking the electoral system in his country. Now the Supreme Court is opening an investigation against him.

Brasília (dpa) – Following repeated attacks on Brazil’s electoral system, Brazil’s Supreme Court has launched an internal investigation against President Jair Bolsonaro in one of its toughest measures yet.

The investigation will, among other things, investigate the misuse of economic and political power and the misuse of the media, according to a report from the Supreme Court in Brasília on Monday evening (local time). Accordingly, the court also called for Bolsonaro to be involved in the ongoing Supreme Court investigation into the dissemination of fake news.

Bolsonaro attacks the electoral system

The electoral system in Brazil, a country of 210 million inhabitants and an area 24 times the size of Germany, is completely electronic. Since the 2018 presidential election and most recently in demonstrations by his supporters on Sunday, Bolsonaro has repeatedly raised doubts about the reliability of the electoral system through social media, among others. Like former US President Donald Trump, he warns against possible manipulation without any evidence. He is demanding that there be a printout of the vote as well, otherwise he may not recognize the 2022 presidential election. Observers see his advance as a mobilization of his supporters.

The approval of Bolsonaro’s administration has steadily declined over the course of the coronavirus pandemic. In early July, 51 percent of those polled rejected the president’s policies in a poll by polling station datafolha. That was the worst result since Bolsonaro took office in 2019.

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