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Braun: The prospect of concrete help for vaccinated people | Free press

Fully vaccinated citizens may soon be able to expect relief. According to the head of the chancellery, Helge Braun, several ministries are already working on a settlement.

Berlin (dpa) – Following the federal and state vaccination summit, Chancellor Helge Braun (CDU) has pledged concrete help for those vaccinated.

“The Federal Minister of Justice will now, together with the Minister of Health and the Minister of the Interior, prepare a regulation that should provide exactly this. That namely that fully vaccinated people and those who have recovered from the coronavirus are not counted in the case of, for example, contact restrictions and exit restrictions ”, Braun said Tuesday in the ARD“ Morgenmagazin ”.

At Monday’s vaccination summit, there were no resolutions on how to deal with those vaccinated and recovered or how to make corona restrictions easier for them. Following an announcement by Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU), the federal government wants to make a proposal next week so that a regulation can be passed by the Federal Council on May 28. The Association of Cities and Municipalities criticized the fact that there was no final agreement on the subject after the summit.

Braun also argued that vaccination priorities in Germany will not be lifted immediately. He thinks it is “expressly correct” to give certain population groups priority for a few more weeks of vaccination. Chancellor Angela Merkel announced after the summit that vaccination priorities should be canceled by June at the latest.

Braun was convinced that the situation could improve in the summer. “If we have a high willingness to vaccinate among the population, then we can reduce the virus very nicely.”

The head of the Chancellery also stressed that the precise orientation to incidence values, which many experts repeatedly criticize as unreliable, still makes sense. “The incidence is still a good value because it simply reflects the new infections and is therefore the earliest possible warning factor for the infection process,” said Braun.

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