Borat’s daughter starred on a hit series before meeting Sacha Baron Cohen

If you’ve watched episode 2 of The Adventures of Borat, you can’t miss Donald Trump’s lawyer immortalized in an embarrassing situation, or the performance of actress Maria Bakalova, who played Tutar. in the movie. Many viewers believed they recognized the young actress, and for good reason: despite her young age, Maria Bakalova has already received several roles in prestigious productions.

Actress Maria Bakalova in the film Borat 2

In the brand new Borat, Maria Bakalova plays Sacha Baron Cohen’s 15-year-old daughter Tutar, who dreams of becoming the next Melania Trump.

In a barn in Kazakhstan, Tutar watches a television program “Melania” and secretly plans to take his father on a trip to America. The rest of the story, as we’ve seen, is more chaotic. The actress’ performance was noticed by all viewers, and this is partly due to the initial naivety of her character and her development into a confident and confident young woman.

The beginnings of Maria Bakalova

In real life, Maria Bakalova is currently 24 years old. The young woman is from Burgas, Bulgaria and made her debut in the Tipichno-Web series in 2015. The young actress then got the role of Amica Elvana in the Italian series Gomorrah, and if you recognized her on the big screen, it is certainly thanks to that role in the hit series.

Unless you saw him in the movie Transgression in 2018. For her performance in this drama, Maria Bakalova won the award for best actress at the AltFF Alternative Film Festival.

Sacha Baron Cohen has high hopes for the actress

In an interview with Good Morning America, Sacha Baron Cohen returned to his young colleague’s performance, and he was full of praise for it:

FULL INTERVIEW: @SachaBaronCohen and Maria Bakalova talk about some of the most talked about scenes in their headline movie # Borat2

23 October 2020

She is one of the bravest actresses in history. If she’s not nominated for an Oscar, that’s a joke. (…) She’s weird and she has the ability to play a scene and make you cry, which ultimately earned her the role.

For Sacha Baron Cohen, Maria Bakalova’s acting career is not only about to end, but she should also be rewarded for her acting in the film Borat 2. Agreement with the actor? We leave it up to you to answer this question in the following survey:

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