Boost the performance of your PC with this HyperX Fury DDR4 memory kit


There are times when the PC crashes when it supports a game with which its performance is incompatible. This ability to perform tasks is also a key issue for video game developers. In this case, certain components need to be updated. And to optimize the performance of your computer, there is nothing like integrating a powerful RAM.

a choice of choice for developers

The HyperX Fury DDR4 memory kit is specially designed for gamers and developers. It uses the Plug N Play1 automatic overclocking feature at speeds from 2400 to 2666 MHz. The device can also clock with CL15-19 latencies of up to 3733 MHz (the maximum speed permitted by the BIOS).

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This cost-effective upgrade is compatible with Intel XMP and AMD Ryzen and consists of individual modules from 4 to 32 GB and kits from 16 to 128 GB. The model has a carefully designed and optimized heat sink that prevents overheating. In addition, it has been successfully tested at all speeds.

The HYPERX FURY is covered by a lifetime guarantee and now costs just € 106.99 instead of the usual savings of € 185.75 or € 78. Please note that the offer is short-lived! Complete your player / developer hardware with the GIGABYTE graphics card – Geforce RTX 2060 rev 2.0. The component is currently available for € 303.90 instead of € 319.99 or at 5%.

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Maximum performance Inexpensive upgrade Lifetime guarantee

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