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Blume: Think outside the box movement attacks democracy | Free press

Contacts with Reich citizens, the convening of a “Constituent Assembly” – for Michael Blume, Commissioner for Anti-Semitism, all evidence of the radicalization of the controversial movement of “lateral thinking”. But as expected she sees it very differently.

Stuttgart (AP) – The anti-Semitism commissioner of the state government of Baden-Württemberg, Michael Blume, accuses the controversial “lateral thinking” movement of being openly hostile to democracy. “It attacks democracy,” Blume said Thursday in the ZDF “morning magazine”.

“If you don’t want to see how dangerous this movement is and how it is radicalising, then of course you don’t want to see that.”

Blume justified his judgment, among other things, by the fact that founder Michael Ballweg of “lateral thinking” had convened a “constitutional assembly”, and there were also contacts with the scene of the so-called Reichsburgers. These reject the German state, its legal system, governments, parliaments and the police. Ballweg, on the other hand, emphasized during a demonstration in Frankfurt (Oder) last weekend: “We are a peaceful movement that has no place for extremism, violence, anti-Semitism and inhumane ideas.”

Blume said conspiracy movements always stem from common enemy images. “In the beginning there are definitely people who are just scared, who have concerns that are not extremist.” The latter then begin to withdraw. “And the people who stick to it are the ones who have been radicalized.”

Supporters of the “lateral thinking 0711” initiative and offshoots of the movement have taken to the streets in many German cities in recent months against the constraints of the Corona crisis. There were also counter-demonstrations.


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