Blizzard’s next flagship title could go where the game has never gone


Diablo IV, which was recently announced by Blizzard, should soon succeed a predecessor that could not convince. Although the game’s release has been announced for a very long time, a mysterious appearance could indicate that the game will be available on an exclusive console.

A highly anticipated title

Diablo IV was announced at Blizzcon 2019 and has been overdue for some time. Although development has been going on for several years, we have to be patient to finally be able to play the final product. Little information has been published. We recently got a glimpse into the game’s first World Boss, as well as details on the specifics of the equipment and the appearance of the unique items. However, the game could take a very different turn from the old series by landing on a platform that is not intended to be at the base.

Diablo IV found in a Sony console database

This discovery was made possible by impatient fans who went in search of the smallest element to bite into. While searching the PlayStation 5 database, a Twitter user replying to the nickname Justinxrubin came across the following logo:

This logo is just the tip of the iceberg. According to our colleagues at Gaming Route, this mysterious software could be a beta test of Activision’s famous Hack’n’slash. With this data there is no way to download the full game. The latter has not been announced for a long time this year either. Despite crazy speculation from the fan community, this option probably doesn’t seem like the right one. The beta test theory therefore seems more likely. However, it is also possible that these files are simply released internally. In the current circumstances, it can be easy to move files from one developer to another for remote work. However, it still seems strange going this route to do it.

Diablo IV could be ported to PlayStation 5

However, the real information lies in the fact that the files were found in the PS5’s database. In fact, the game was absolutely not meant to be ported to this console, and this find could prove otherwise.

The appearance of this download is therefore all the more surprising. Also, the game has been announced for PlayStation 4 but does not appear in this generation’s database. What questions to ask …