Bling Empire Season 3: Find Release Date, Cast, and Trailer Details Here!!

Waiting for Bling Empire Season 3? Well, in that case, you are not alone! The Bling Empire has returned! The first season launched in January 2021, and now, on May 13, the cast returns to Netflix to bring us more fashion, fun, and drama.

And, as anyone who saw the first season of Bling Empire knows, the drama covers a wide spectrum of themes—we’re talking about the ridiculous (like a feud over a ridiculously costly necklace) to the surprisingly stressful (like the hunt for someone’s estranged father).

The show is surprisingly easy to watch, despite the various degrees of turmoil it encounters—after all, it is largely fancy/filthy affluent people drinking and squabbling. So, if you binge-watched Season 2 in under 12 hours, you might be wondering if Bling Empire will return for a third season.

Bling Empire Season 2 - News, Date, Cast, Spoilers, Trailer

After all, a number of comparable reality series have aired for seasons upon seasons. Here’s all we know thus far regarding a probable third season of Bling Empire.

Will there be Bling Empire Season 3?

There has been no official confirmation of the renewal as of yet, but fans are anticipating an announcement shortly. Season 3 is still a possibility, despite the fact that the producer and streamer have not refused nor accepted. Furthermore, Season 2 was only recently released, or to be more accurate, a few hours ago, thus it’s still too early to request a new season.

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What Can We Expect From Bling Empire Season 3?

The prospect of the show going beyond season 2 has been discussed by a few persons working with it. Christine Chiu expressed her aspirations for the cast’s future in an interview with PopSugar.

“I’d love to see more artists and creators,” she continued, “whether they’re entrepreneurs, storytellers, dancers, musicians, or just people who are displaying additional talent.” “I understand that the bling is not the heart and soul of Bling Empire.

It’s not. The bling is what draws you in, but the tales and travels are what keep you hooked and make this endeavor valuable and significant for myself and the rest of the ensemble.”

Furthermore, executive producer Jeff Jenkins told Oprah Daily that if given the chance, the show may run for years. Jeff described the cast as “hilarious, sensual, humorous, dramatic, and scheming.” “We’d all love to stay on this trip with them for as long as people are interested,” says the cast.

Bling Empire season 3 potential Netflix release date and more

Yes, the fascination with reality TV escapism is unlikely to wane anytime soon, so keep it coming.

Bling Empire Season 3: Trailer

There is no trailer to post because Bling Empire Season 3 has not yet obtained authorization for renewal. Because any such announcement from Netflix takes about a month or two to make, fans may patiently wait while watching Season 2, which has just arrived on our screens. The renewal decision will not be difficult if all of the relevant requirements have been researched.

Bling Empire Season 2 Cast Info

Christine Chiu and Anna Shay play the key characters in the program, and while they may not always get along, they always provide important advice for the younger cast members. Kevin Kreider, Kane Lim, and Kim Lee are also present. Kevin was adopted and reared in Philadelphia after being born in South Korea. Kelly Mi Li, Guy Tang, Chérie Chan, Dorothy Wang, Leah Qin, and Mimi Moris are among the others.

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Bling Empire season 3 potential Netflix release date and more

What it’s like to spend a billion dollars on parties and parties, or to buy expensive cars on a whim, is beyond our comprehension. But we all know that beyond the glitz and glam, there are clouds of issues waiting to emerge.

A Quick Recap of Bling Empire Season 2

Kevin and Kim’s relationship takes a new turn when Kevin feels intimidated by Kim Lee, who threatens his sobriety. Kim Lee does not overcome her trust concerns; in fact, she has gone so far as to require Kevin to take a lie detector exam. Kane, on the other hand, has gotten himself into difficulty with Anna and Christine because of his title-tattle.

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Christine confided in Kane about how she had heard Anna wanted to kill her, which Kane had secretly notified Anna about. This had an effect on their already deteriorating relationship. Later, Anna sympathized with Christine and joined forces with her to teach Kane a lesson. Just then, Kelly’s ex-boyfriend appeared in front of Anna.


That’s all about Bling Empire Season 3. As of yet, no news regarding the third season of Bling Empire has been released. Given that Season 2 just premiered, any news about the show’s future is unlikely to occur until a few months, based on previous experience.