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Black Friday is officially postponed to support small businesses

It is official that Black Friday 2020 has been postponed so that small businesses severely affected by the coronavirus crisis can take advantage of the event.

Everything united for small businesses?

The resurgence of the coronavirus epidemic this fall prompted the government to organize a refinition of the French population on October 28th. The news has apparently raised many concerns among traders who sell products “not essential to the life of the nation” and who were severely affected during their first detention last March.

The recent news was also enlivened by numerous debates over measures to support small business and many voices were raised to contest the boulevard built by the restriction on Amazon. A boycott call was also launched to prevent the online retailer from taking advantage of its competitors’ plight in the middle of the Christmas holidays.

Obviously, the thorny issue of Black Friday was raised, a commercial event that has become a must-have since it was exported to France. It must be said that many French people use Black Friday to do their Christmas shopping … Given the circumstances, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire is in favor of postponing Black Friday, which was originally supposed to start November 27, 2020.

ud83d udd34 Bruno Le Maire asks dealers to postpone Black Friday, “an operation that doesn’t make sense under the current circumstances” pic.twitter.com/PZ3jTJoWGP

18th November 2020

So, while the shadow of a gradual deconfinance and reopening of non-essential stores looms, Bruno Le Maire has brought industry players together in Bercy to discuss the possibility of postponing Black Friday. And it seems that negotiations have tipped over in favor of small retailers, as Amazon has agreed to postpone its Black Friday to December 4th, a week after the originally chosen date, on the condition that its competitors reopen quickly, as did by Frédéric announced. Daval, CEO of Amazon France, in the Journal de 20h de TF1.

We have decided to postpone the Black Friday date if it allows businesses and physical stores to reopen before December 1st.

This is excellent news for other businesses that can benefit from more time organizing and getting the most out of Black Friday 2020. The trade and distribution association will meet shortly to organize the postponement.


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