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BKA: Politically motivated violence on the rise | Free press

Despite the corona pandemic, the number of politically motivated crimes rose again last year. Classification in general phenomena seems difficult.

Berlin (dpa) – Police recorded more politically motivated crimes in the past year than in the previous decade – even though most people spent a lot of time at home in 2020.

As the statistics published by the Federal Criminal Investigation Department (BKA) show on Tuesday, the number has increased by almost nine percent to 44,692 crimes compared to the previous year. With politically motivated violence, the number of cases was even almost 19 percent higher than in the previous year, and thus around the level of 2018.

In the case of left-wing violence, the police actually registered an increase of about 45 percent to 1,526 crimes, according to statistics. According to this, 1,092 were violent crimes based on rights, the increase here was just under 11 percent. The police could not attribute 591 politically motivated acts of violence to any of the common phenomena. That was significantly more than last year and probably has something to do with the corona pandemic, which gives rise to a great diversity of conspiracy stories.

Last year, federal states reported a total of 3,559 politically motivated crimes related to the pandemic, including bodily harm, Assembly Act violations, and propaganda crimes. According to the BKA, the majority – almost 60 percent – of these crimes could not be attributed to right or left groups. According to the information, they were primarily directed against the health system, the state, its facilities and symbols, against the police and against “other political opponents”.

Compared to the previous year, the number of crimes against state institutions and symbols, civil servants and elected officials has more than doubled.

Judith Porath, head of the Association of Independent Victims’ Advice Centers, said the figures reported by state police authorities on right-wing, racist and anti-Semitic violence were incomplete. As an example, she cited a life-threatening knife attack on a young Algerian in Schweinfurt, who was wrongly not considered a racist attack.

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