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Bishops Criticize Vatican’s Ban on Blessings | Free press

With its no to the blessing of gay couples, the Vatican caused a storm of protest in the Catholic Church in Germany. Now the bishops are also openly against the decision.

Aachen / Essen (dpa) – After numerous Catholic organizations and associations, two Catholic bishops have also strongly opposed the Vatican’s no to the blessing of gay couples.

“It can only remain to want to end a discussion,” said Aachen bishop Helmut This Friday evening during a discussion meeting. “That is naive and has caused a lot of damage. We have to bring that to Rome as bishops. ‘

The Roman Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith made it clear on Monday that the church had no authority to bless gay couples. Any kind of blessing that recognizes a homosexual partnership is not allowed. The latter said he did not understand “how to shoot such a bullet in this synodal process”. He was referring to the current reform process in the Catholic Church in Germany, the synodal way. Among other things, there is a renewal of the sexual morality of the church.

Previously, the Bishop of the Ruhr, Franz-Josef Overbeck, in a letter to all parishes of the Essen diocese, demanded a “serious and very grateful reassessment of homosexuality” by the Catholic Church. Overbeck reported that he had received numerous letters in recent days from pastors expressing their open rejection of the Vatican’s position.

Church doctrine “urgently requires a comprehensive view of human sexuality,” said Overbeck. The declaration of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has offended and hurt many people with a homosexual orientation. Such a position is no longer accepted today. The attitude of the faithful cannot be ignored by the Vatican.

The diocesan councils of Aachen and Cologne – the representatives of the laity, the common faithful – also condemned the decision of Rome. “God loves and blesses all people,” the Aachen diocesan council wrote in a statement. “If people want to place their partnership, which is based on love and responsibility, under God’s blessing, the church cannot refuse the blessing.” That is why the Diocesan Council opposes the ban on the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. “We encourage all pastors in the Diocese of Aachen to publicly support their practice of blessing. For this they have the full support of a large majority of Catholics. “

The Diocesan Council in the Archdiocese of Cologne recalled that last year the church had blessed a grid around one of the portals of Cologne Cathedral. Now she claims that the love of two people of the same sex cannot be blessed. “This is not God’s promise to people as we understand it,” Chairman Tim Kurzbach wrote in a statement.

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