big updates announced, all information


Landing like an angel from heaven, Genshin Impact quickly took mobile, PS4 and PC players around the world by storm. An AAA gacha that grossed more than $ 100 million in just two weeks and could revolutionize the video game industry at the start of a new price hike. The next updates have been released, here they are.

a mess of novelties

The next few months will be busy for Genshin Impact players. To keep its players active, miHoYo will not skimp on content. While the events in Genshin Impact continue, the Chinese studio has shared their roadmap and given us a glimpse of the next content on the way.

The first update is from November 11th. Simply called 1.1, it allows players to discover the “The Unreconciled Stars” event. While the exact content remains a mystery, a new Cryo character would be introduced there at some point, but also offered. Note that Act 2 of Chapter Inazuma should also be part of the game. Quick jump around December 23rd with Update 1.2. A new event is planned, as is the opening of the Dosdragon Mountains, a region that was previously inaccessible. As for Update 1.3, we have to wait until February 2021 with the Lantern Festival-related event.

Back to Update 1.1: With this final update, players can lock their weapons and artifacts to prevent accidental merging. You can get the description of each object to see how to get it, but also keep your eyes on an anemocolus and geoculus detector. A godsend for those who don’t want to explore every corner of the Genshin Impact map without radar.