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Big reduction to 8 movies on Blu-ray 4K (Batman, Tenet, Inception…)

Christopher Nolan is a big name in cinema. He has been the director of many successful films such as Batman, Dunkirk, Inception or even Tenet. Know today that this box is currently on sale for the winter sale.

Christopher Nolan: 8 must-see movies in one box

Director Christopher Nolan is behind many successful films and in this box you will find 8 films to watch or rewatch in 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray version:

Tenet (Release date: 2020)Dunkirk (Release date: 2017)Interstellar (Release date: 2014)Inception (Release date: 2010)Batman – The Dark Knight Rises (Release date: 2012)Batman – The Dark Knight , the Dark Knight (Release date: 2008)Batman Begins (Release date: 2005)The Prestige (Release date: 2006)

With these 8 feature films you have more than 19 hours to while away the next vacation.

Instead of 96.04 euros, the Christopher Nolan box currently costs 62.99 euros. We also have a great DC Comic Extended Box Set for sale.

3 good reasons to crack

4K UHD Blu-ray VersionThe Batman TrilogyPrice 7.87 euros per film

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