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big promo on the board game in this beautiful version

Game of Thrones has become an unmissable series and the latter ended in May 2019, after 8 seasons with a total of no less than 73 episodes. If you’re a fan of the latter and want to take the adventure a little further, there are plenty of derivative products available, as well as an officially licensed Monopoly game. With this board game you can spend great evenings with your friends or family.

Game of Thrones: a Collector’s Edition Monopoly game

The Monopoly Game of Thrones Collector’s Edition was released for the final season of the series. The latter is available in French and to win you have to be the richest of all players, but be careful not to go bankrupt while buying as many properties as possible to collect rent.

Unlike the classic version, you must travel the legendary lands of Westeros while buying, selling, and bartering locations associated with the seven crowns. We really appreciate the design of the game based on the series with its interactive card holder in the shape of an iron throne or the coins and the watchtowers that replace the houses.

Here’s what the box contains:

the game board, 6 game pieces, 28 title deeds, a card holder in the shape of an iron throne with a music base, 32 random cards, 32 watchtowers, 12 castles, 2 dice, 95 cardboard pieces (42 golden dragons, 53 silver deer) , and the game rules in French.

To get your hands on it you have to pay 18.67 euros, when it was launched it was priced at 39.99 euros. You should also know that in our Hitek Store you will also find Funko Pop figurines to collect, but also badges or t-shirts.

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