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big price drop for this 32GB DDR4 kit

Games and software are always greedy in storage space, but also in random access memory (RAM), so don’t hesitate if you have the opportunity to increase it at a low price. Today we offer you the Crucial Ballistix 32GB DDR4 kit perfect for all greedy users.

Crucial Ballistix: High-performance RAM for gaming

As mentioned earlier, RAM is very important for power users as it allows data and instructions to be stored and forwarded much faster than a hard drive or SSD. Therefore, it is a key element for those who edit audio, video, and photos, as well as for gamers.

The average PC has 16GB of RAM, but this 32GB Crucial Ballistix Kit (16 x 2GB) is quiet for now, especially since it cost just $103.99 while it was $158.29. a very nice instant discount to upgrade your pc or future machine.

Here are the specs of the strips:

Speed: DDR4-3000PC Speed: PC4-24000CAS Latency: 15Extended Timings: 15 / 16 / 16 /35Voltage: 1.35V

Of course, the bars are Intel XMP 2.0 compatible and equipped with an aluminum heat sink to protect the chips from overheating.

As a bonus, this kit is guaranteed for life and will be automatically replaced with new ones.

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