Big falls prevent the race for world records


The Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War community agrees. At a high level, the Zombies game mode is quite unstable as it is. This then reduces the hope of one day being able to beat the records already set in this mode to little.

Crashes that ruin the experience

Many high-ranking players set out to conquer the Zombies mode of the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. Everyone regretted it very quickly. After a few full days of trying to get the highest laps on the mode, some streamers were faced with very frustrating crashes.

This simply destroys the competitive dimension of the mode, which irreversibly prevents new records from being set. The shooting game then becomes a real game of chance. At the highest levels, a crash occurs systematically without our really knowing why.

Quite a few streamers have faced this problem. This is particularly the case with NoahJ456, who was on his way to breaking a world record. After a 6 hour run, he managed to get to Zombies Mode lap 208. He seemed particularly well on his way to being the first to complete the game’s 256 levels.

But his race was abruptly stopped by a black screen followed by an error message. The streamer had also been warned about the crashes in this game mode by one of his viewers.

Channel 208.

So my game ended.

I’m still crying

In the end it didn’t fail. As you can imagine, NoahJ456 was especially disappointed with the unexpected turn of his game. Since then, others have decided to give it a try anyway. Then happiness smiled at two of them. FaZe Blaze and Ghostzy as a duo managed to break past “Round Zero” of the game, and we have reached Round 328 of Zombies Mode.

Finally we’ve made it !!!!!!!!!!

New zombies duo record !!

Channel 328! No crashes, I can’t believe it !!!