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“Big events with reduced capacity? Do we have to go to a room that is twice the size?”

“Large events with reduced capacity? Do we have to go to a room twice as big? “

NiT spoke to the director of NOS Alive, Álvaro Covões, and the person responsible for the revenge of the 90s, Paulo Silva.

NOS Alive is planned for July.

The decontamination plan has been presented and the cultural sector is also gradually reopening. Bookstores and libraries will open on March 15th. April 5th is the time for museums, art galleries, and exhibitions. On the 19th there is a great advance: it is the date for the reopening of cinemas, theaters and concert halls in general. And on May 3rd there is the unknown of the “big outdoor events”.

For professionals from the culture and events sector, it is still early to understand how they can work in the next few weeks. But right now it is being received as great news, as organizer Everything is New, Álvaro Covões, and the person responsible for the revenge of the 90s parties (among so many other events), Paulo Silva, NiT tell.

“If they say they can start on a certain day, that’s the best news of the year,” says Álvaro Covões. “We started the year almost without work and the exhibition rooms will be open from April 19th. Yes. Museums, art galleries and exhibitions open earlier. Cool. Now there is something strange. Nobody has yet fully understood what the “large outdoor events” with reduced capacity are. We’ll have to wait for the metric to understand what that means, ”explains the NOS Alive promoter.

“When we talk about theaters, licensed fixed venues, it’s easy to reduce capacity when it comes to reducing capacity. What is the capacity reduction if it is an outdoor area? When we think of festivals, what does that mean? Do we have to go to a room twice as big? I’m sure a metric is showing and now we have to wait. It should be announced tomorrow or in the next few days. “

If the big festivals are still a big unknown, at least the closed venues should be able to function from April 19th like last year, probably with a capacity reduced by half, with the audience seated yes, chair no.

Álvaro Covões explains that he now has to postpone ten concerts of Portuguese musicians – because they were planned without much hope for the end of March and the beginning of April – and that this Friday, March 12th, he will meet with the artists and the halls, to see if both parties are available to schedule the shows from April 19th. David Carreira, Rui Veloso and Camané are among the artists affected.

“There are still five weeks, it’s tough. It’s been almost four months without a job. But since additional support for the culture has been announced, we are waiting for tomorrow. But it’s always good news to have an appointment to get back to work. At least we have a plan, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The five weeks also leave time for planning. But what worried me, the festivals, too, we have to see what the May 3rd rule means. I am obviously drunk [de felicidade]Maybe tomorrow we will be very angry if we take a closer look at this. But at least they say we will open up, each of us is drunk. “

Paulo Silva has the same perspective. He says it’s great news, but it’s still very uncertain. “Another month and you have absolutely no knowledge of anything that is going to happen … That is, they said, this is going to happen.” Well, in what forms? “And he leaves a criticism to the government:” It’s the same thing they always did. There will be money for everyone, but now you wait three months there to find out how to ask who and how to get it. “

However, the entrepreneur is optimistic about the scenario. “I was very happy, we talked about it, it’s incredible to be able to do events again. Tell us it’s like. We just want to work. Make but keep the rules so everyone can do something. “

Like Álvaro Covões, Paulo Silva asks whether it is possible to hold large-scale events that are financially viable. “It’s too early to come to a conclusion because you can host large events, but maybe two people per ten square meters, whichever happened the other time. You can hold trade fairs, but only with two people per 10 square meters. And the fair needs 10,000 people to be profitable. To ask for it is to put sand in the eyes of those who live on them. But we were super happy, the most important thing is to let us know and to regulate well so that we know what we can work with. Because if you can go to concert halls, if it’s a chair or a chair, we will. People desperately need fun, everything is going crazy. “

In addition, companies in the event and culture sector urgently need work. “I achieved a turnover of 0 percent for exactly one year. We need to know what tools we can work with. “


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