“Big Brother” wins the audience again on Sunday evening (but SIC wins the day)


“Big Brother” wins the audience again on Sunday evening (but SIC wins the day)

The remake of the reality show, presented by Cristina Ferreira, has been a success since its debut.

The second “Big Brother Famosos” gala, which aired on the night of January 9th, returned to place the TVI reality show as the most watched show on Portuguese television on Sunday evening. The format reached 1.4 million viewers around 11 p.m.

With that, the new edition of Big Brother, presented by Cristina Ferreira, again beats the second season of “Hell’s Kitchen”, a broadcast by Ljubomir Stanisic on SIC. However, SIC beats TVI if we look at the total audience on Sunday.

“The comeback of ‘Isto é Gozar com quem Works’ by Ricardo Araújo Pereira was the absolute front runner on Sunday evening and the most watched entertainment program with an average of 14.2 viewers and a share of 25.2 percent, which corresponds to more than 1 million and 300 thousand viewers , 200 thousand more than the direct opponent. Jornal da Noite topped the list of the most watched on a day also marked by the comfortable victory of ‘Vida Selvagem’, Primeira Jornal, ‘Fama Show’ and ‘Domingão’. With 19.3 percent, SIC won outstandingly with a 2 point lead over the direct competition. Thank you for your preference, ”wrote SIC program director Daniel Oliveira on social media.

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