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“Big Brother”: We already know how far Brunão can go – up to Liliana’s stomach

“Big Brother”: We already know how far Brunão can go – up to Liliana’s stomach

Comedian and chronicler Miguel Lambertini analyzes the latest episode of TVI’s reality show.

Bruno de Carvalho shared his “life curve”.

Big began by announcing, “Tonight is a night of dilemmas!”. At the same time that Cristina Ferreira appeared on our screen in a position of power, in the style of Beyoncé da Malveira. Interestingly, the first and most important dilemma of the evening came right at the sight of Cristina’s dress. As with this meme that circulated a while ago, the presenter’s outfit appeared to be sometimes purple and sometimes blue. At least that’s how I felt, but it could also be from the anxiolytics I’m taking to broadcast “Big Brother Famosos” on TVI for three hours.

The second dilemma this Sunday, January 23, faced Bruno de Carvalho: “Today I want to know how far you are willing to go for Liliana,” says Big. Well, from this week’s pics, we already know how far Bruno is willing to go: to Liliana’s stomach, with his tongue. But aside from those romantic endoscopies, the voice wanted to know if the still President of the House had chosen to listen to his mother’s message, or if he sacrificed that blessing for his beloved and allowed Liliana to hear her mother’s message.

Bruno is pragmatic in his decision, opting to rip up his mother’s envelope immediately. He later explains that his mother is the love of his life, but he already knows what the message would be: “Billions of kisses. I love you so much. Mummy”

If I were Bruno’s mother, I would send a plane right now with the message: ‘That wasn’t the upbringing I gave you, my boy. You didn’t want to read, yes ma’am, but you didn’t have to tear up the envelope in front of people either. PS Pack yourself up, they say the air up there in the mountains is very humid. And eat, son, you’re not eating well! And look, just the scraps of food you take out of Liliana’s mouth doesn’t make for a healthy diet. I love you so much. Mummy”.

This Sunday we also had another BB Play session. In the film “Jaciara Fatal” we get to know the Brazilian’s special interest in two of the house’s competitors: Kasha and Jay. They, in turn, seem just as interested in the businesswoman as a gypsy at a Chega rally. However, that didn’t stop Jaciara from kissing Kasha on the mouth, who didn’t respond, but Cristina explained that it was a friendly kiss. If you compare that kiss to the ones Bruno gives to Liliana, it didn’t even make #2 on Bate Pé.

This week, Jardel has been very strong in “training”, as he puts it, and he hasn’t forgotten to always finish with a round of stretching…of course the lungs, because he doesn’t give up his cigarette. But Super Mario deserves it because he’s getting more and more involved in the house. In addition to fitness, he trained in dance choreography, where he was the star of the company.

To the tunes of ABBA’s “Dancing Queen,” the former player shone, accompanied by Jardeletes Jaciara, Marta, Liliana and Catarina. The rest of the men deserve points for the colorful Power Rangers attire they wore, but as far as choreography goes, let’s say I’ve seen drunks at 5am in Cais do Sodré more coordinated than Nuno, Jorge, Kasha and the jay

Bruno de Carvalho, who felt unwell all day, got away with participating in this cringe festival and through whom we also got to know the respective “life curve”. Among other things, and without the usual whimpering, Bruno said that when the relationship first ended, he was on the verge of death and had been hooked up to a machine for three days. Wow, good luck Liliana. No pressure.

After the audience saved my dear Jorge Guerreiro, Marta and Jardel, the audience decided that Nuno Homem de Sá should leave the house. Jaciara was rescued and, like us, couldn’t believe what had just happened. Also stunned – and a bit concerned – seemed to be Kasha, who realized at that moment that she still had a week to play “Bate Pé”.


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