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“Big Brother”: Sponsors terminate support and ERC acknowledges receipt of several complaints

“Big Brother”: Sponsors terminate support and ERC acknowledges receipt of several complaints

“The continuation of a violent situation without intervention conveys the idea of ​​legitimacy,” APAV warns of the case.

Bruno de Carvalho left the company on February 13.

The behavior of Bruno de Carvalho towards the competitor of “Big Brother Famosos”, Liliana Almeida, is still under discussion. After numerous criticisms from different sectors of society, complaints to the Portuguese Association for Victims Assistance (APAV) and a complaint about public offenses of domestic violence – filed by the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality – the regulator for the series Social Communication ( ERC) take part in the discussion. The ERC confirmed to Público the receipt of several complaints against the TVI program, which also lost the support of some of its sponsors.

“We inform you that following the recent events, Betano has decided to end its sponsorship of the program “Big Brother Famosos” with immediate effect, having already informed TVI of this suspension,” said a source from the sports betting company. one of the main investors in the format.

Although the second-hand sales platform Vinted, which advertised during the broadcast of the reality show, is not an official sponsor, it confirmed to the same publication that it will suspend the agreed advertising until the end of this edition. “We do not tolerate any act of violence, whether physical, psychological or verbal.”

For its part, the ERC certified “the receipt of submissions from citizens and representative associations on alleged situations of psychological and physical violence, verified in the program “Big Brother Famosos” broadcast by TVI”.

An evaluation process of these complaints will now begin by the Board of Regulators, which will review the above content and confront the TV operator before making a decision. Only then would further details on “the issues in question and the number of estimated shares” be known, the company clarified. The Queluz de Baixo channel has not yet manifested itself.

APAV also confirmed that it had been contacted by many citizens about the situation. João Lázaro, president of the association, reminds that its purpose is not to make complaints but to support victims. However, it did not fail to condemn the transmitted images and warn of the responsibility of those who disseminate this content.

“Any form of violence is reprehensible, but especially on a television format with such publicity and starring celebrities, because it can convey the message that it’s allowed. It’s a bad example,” defended João Lázaro. “The fact that it happened between two people does not exonerate [de responsabilidades] the responsible bodies who have to define the boundaries of the individual content. The promotion of violence is unacceptable.”

For the victim support organization, the advertisers of these television formats must have an “intervention plan” with regard to “calls for violence or committing a crime”. The official also stressed that “the continuation of a violent situation without intervention conveys the idea of ​​legitimacy, of normalization.”

The recent Big Brother Famous gala took place on Sunday February 13, at which TVI directly addressed the allegedly toxic relationship between Bruno de Carvalho and Liliana de Almeida. Presenter Cristina Ferreira took a stance of impartiality, stressing that the “BB” team was the only one with access to all data, including a medical team monitoring the competitors.

“Big Brother and I have a duty of impartiality and non-judgment by the same people. That’s what I’ve been trying to do since the first day I suggested presenting this BB. I try to be impartial and not judge any type of behavior by a person, in this case a player, in the context of the situation they are faced with,” he said.

After listening to the case’s protagonists, she added: “As a presenter, I don’t get carried away by hate because I believe that only love can solve even the most reprehensible situations. And I will not change this attitude in my life.”

The decision on Bruno de Carvalho’s future in the program was then released to the public. He voted and it was even the former President of Sporting who was banned for one night. Meanwhile, Bruno de Carvalho returned to social media during the night – and reportedly under the influence of alcohol. He insulted Big Brother commentators, left-bloc MEP Joana Mortágua, and criticized Liliana Almeida’s attitude of staying in the house one more night.

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