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“Big Brother”: Liliana wanted to leave but backed away, despite Bruno’s insistent messages

“Big Brother”: Liliana wanted to leave but backed away, despite Bruno’s insistent messages

“Lili, I love you to infinity Bruno,” read one of the texts, pulled by a plane sent by the former Sporting president.

Liliana Almeida was the lead singer of Non-Stop.

On the morning of this Tuesday, February 15, Liliana Almeida expressed her desire to leave the house of “Big Brother Famosos”. Speaking to colleagues, the singer revealed she spoke to Big and made a decision.

“I feel like I’m outside. That’s the great truth and at this moment that’s all that makes sense to me. I want to go because I’m halfway here […] and the other half of me is out there,” he began the words.

“My life is laid on tables that shouldn’t be. They decided to take my life and shake it and I need to go outside to raise my voice as well to be next to those who need it and see how this situation gets resolved what was a huge injustice to me. The artist points out that Bruno de Carvalho is facing charges of domestic violence and that he was excluded from the show last Sunday.

Liliana said that on Monday, February 14, she realized she was reaching her “limit” and that it was “difficult” to stay in the best guarded home in the country, although she felt sorry for her to leave.

The decision was shaken around lunchtime when the singer read a message apparently stuck on a plane sent by Bruno de Carvalho. “Lili, I love you to infinity, Bruno,” it said. The candidate had just left the confessional when Catarina Siqueira drew her attention to what was happening in heaven. Seeing the verdict from the former Sporting president, the singer decided to reverse her decision to drop out of the program, assuring her roommate that she wouldn’t go of her own free will. “Let’s go to the end, Catarina. Let’s go. But the end could be by Sunday,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bruno de Carvalho sent a new plane with a different text, which read: “I’ll get you now”. Liliana didn’t move. “I’m staying,” she affirmed.

On Sunday, February 13th, the latest Big Brother Famous gala took place, where TVI addressed the allegedly toxic relationship between rivals Bruno de Carvalho and Liliana Almeida. Presenter Cristina Ferreira took a stance of impartiality, stressing that the “BB” team was the only one with access to all data, including a medical team monitoring the competitors.

The decision on Bruno de Carvalho’s future in the program was then released to the public. He voted and it was even the former President of Sporting who ended up being a foreclosed competitor. Meanwhile, Bruno de Carvalho returned to social media during the night – and reportedly under the influence of alcohol. He insulted the commentators of the relay show, Left Bloc MP Joana Mortágua, and criticized Liliana Almeida’s attitude of staying in the house one more night.

After numerous criticisms from different sectors of society, complaints to the Portuguese Association for Victims Assistance (APAV) and a complaint about public offenses of domestic violence – filed by the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality – the regulator for the series Social Communication ( ERC) take part in the discussion. The ERC confirmed to Público the receipt of several complaints against the TVI program, which also lost the support of some of its sponsors.


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