“Big Brother”: Leandro’s 4 controversial moments since entering the house


“Big Brother”: Leandro’s 4 controversial moments since entering the house

The singer’s entry into the reality show changed the environment and created moments of tension. “Bruno de Carvalho and I don’t go well together,” he says.

He was the last candidate for “Big Brother”.

Singer Leandro was the last candidate to enter the house of “Big Brother Famosos”, the remake of the TVI reality show that premiered on January 2nd. The artist’s entry changed the atmosphere and created moments of tension – until then there was mainly a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere inside the house.

As Leandro himself already suspected, however, he entered the program with a strategy that contrasted him with Bruno de Carvalho – who until then had seemed to be the dominant figure in the field of competitors.

The second gala of the program hosted by Cristina Ferreira was broadcast live this Sunday, January 9th, and returned to a leading television audience. Hugo Tabaco was the excluded competitor. Remember Leandro’s most controversial moments to date.

The tension with Bruno de Carvalho

The clash between Leandro and Bruno de Carvalho was immediate. “I’ll destroy it,” the singer even said as he walked into Big Brother’s house after seeing that the former president of Sporting had become a dominant figure among the competition.

On this Sunday Leandro assumed that the two did not understand each other. “So two people, there is always this conflict between us, but we play. I think we do not fit together.”

Cristina Ferreira asked Bruno de Carvalho about his presidency of the House and the possibility that it was influenced by Leandro’s entry. Bruno de Carvalho replied ironically: “Without Leandro it would be easier to dominate the house (…) It was extremely difficult (…) It was a shaky presidency”. He also commented that both were about to commit a boxing “attack” and said it was “out of the question” to get along with the musician.

“I’m from a different club, watch out, but I think Sporting should be happy now. Most Sporting fans are happy to have someone say something to their face. He is a dictator, he is arrogant, he lacks humility. I’m an explosive guy, what I have to say, I’ll say right away, ”commented Leandro with rivals Hugo Tabaco and Jaciara earlier in the afternoon.

Unsurprisingly, Leandro nominated Bruno de Carvalho at the gala this Sunday. “Because I think he distorts the reality of who he is and I really hope people see the reality.”

The strategy – which, however, has already been debunked

Leandro entered “Big Brother” ‘s house with an offensive strategy, determined to “destroy” Bruno de Carvalho and with a calculated “player” attitude. The singer finally spoke about his strategy on the reality show and revealed that he’s now opening up more and adopting a more natural stance.

“They said: let’s stop, we already noticed that you came here with a strategy. But we already understand who you are: there’s no point in pretending you’re an actor when you aren’t. And it’s a reality. I came with these guns, all of which were armed with cowboy. I realized that wasn’t what I wanted. If we play a role that doesn’t suit us, we sooner or later notice: That’s not mine. “

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the refusal to add

At the table Leandro spoke to the other competitors about his musical performances. The singer revealed that at the end of every concert he refuses to do encores, that is, play additional songs when the audience requests it.

“This person scene … uh, man, I … we live on it [espetáculos], the reality is this. When I get to the end of the shows and people say ‘one more, one more’ there are none! Just one more? There is not! Did you like it? Come back later … tomorrow I don’t even know where [a dar outro espetáculo]whoever wants to go. People go, people have to accept it. This is the show, “said the singer.

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Compare with Tony Carreira

Another aspect of his career that led to several criticisms on social networks was the comparisons with Tony Carreira. Leandro sees himself as a romantic singer and despises the term “pimba”, which is sometimes used to characterize his music.

“I did a lot of coliseums, I did the MEO Arena, I did the Aula Magna, I did the Coliseu do Porto. I’ve never been to Olympia [em Paris, França]But it’s a step I’ll take I have a lot of road, ”Leandro began. “I compare my shows to Tony Carreira’s: Tony Carreira and Leandro in the scene,” he later added. The singer was heavily criticized on social media for comparing himself to Tony Carreira.